About Us

Phoenix Star Mortgage LLC is owned and operated by Havana Romaine and Wendy Ruhlig.
After working together for 8 years at another company, Wendy and Havana decided they wanted to do things differently. So they opened Phoenix Star Mortgage in 2019 to provide their clients the help and education they needed to transition to homeownership successfully.
Wendy and Havana are full-time, active Florida mortgage loan originators. Havana has assisted clients with their home loan needs for over 10 years. Wendy has done the same for 20 years.
Although we work with all buyers, our passion is helping first-time buyers achieve their homeownership goals.
We are committed to making the home loan process smooth and stress-free for all our clients. We educate our clients and referral partners every step of the way, providing information and guidance to overcome each buyer’s unique challenges.

We firmly believe that anyone that wants to buy a home can buy a home – as long as they're willing to follow the required steps.

It doesn’t matter what’s in the past; what matters is what they start doing right now.

If transitioning to homeownership has been a struggle, we can help. If your clients are having difficulty getting qualified, we can help.

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We do things a little differently, but it makes all the difference!